About Me - Veronica Aviles

 Being devoted to Photography of the “Team”,  an “Artist in Residence”  for my teams. I am an undisputed athletic photographer, with my leadership skills and ownership of performance and style. For 5 years, I have been concentrating on building my Portfolio in all aspects of Football Photography. I have been an intern with various football teams in California, ranging from PoP Warner to Varsity High school, and College Football Teams, and the pros, Rams and USC. I have, and will continue to give clients what they desire as far as what is needed, creating content for media and marketing platforms. My scope of work. bringing, culture/sports/entertainment. I shoot high speed action Football , and do a sufficient amount of player, and Coach portraits. Natural and stadium light is used.  Digital Activation with content created for distribution and promotion. Keeping it simple,  I do graphics just to be creative and do something different.